Over 70 years of experience

Since founding of the BRUCHA family-owned company for over 70 years we have consistently risen to the growing challenges of modern cold store construction. With over 200 qualified company fitters BRUCHA builds tailored cold store solutions across Europe as one of the largest European assembly companies. With our full range of walls, roofs, doors and gates any space from high-rise warehouses, cold stores
to deep-frozen stores can be particularly economically constructed.

Continuous product development

We developed the BRUCHAPaneel panel for highly sensitive areas of application on the basis of decades of experience in construction of temperature-regulated industrial storage and production halls. Reliability and purity in production processes have ever increasing value,
our sandwich panels can be used wherever there is a need for high hygienic standards, whether in new constructions or renovations. With the BRUCHAPaneel panel construction system projects can be efficiently and economically realised.

Doors and gates for production, cold and deep-frozen areas.

The versatile BRUCHA range of doors includes: HINGED and SLIDING DOORS & GATES, FIRE PROTECTING DOORS, either single or double leaf, SWING DOORS & STRIP CURTAINS. Besides flexible planning and varied custom production possibilities through their long lifetime and durability. LOCK SYSTEMS allow mutual sealing of numerous doors in clean room areas with flush fitting windows
and security locks to complete the range.

High production and mounting quality standards

All products from the house of BRUCHA correspond to national and international quality standards and are subjected to continuous testing. We will be pleased to send certificates on request. Assembly projects are professionally realised by experienced teams and specific customer requirements met by in-depth experience in custom construction.