Are you looking for a way to effectively seal off the gaps between a docked vehicle and the loading bay? A dock shelter from Loading Systems is the solution!

All Loading Systems dock levellers offer a solution for specific situations. Each dock shelter has its own characteristics and is developed for a specific market branch. With our experience in these markets and by using the highest quality materials, we can offer you a program of durable, trustworthy and aesthetically attractive dock shelters.



cushion dock shelter
CUSHION DOCK SHELTER Best suited to vehicles which have minimal differences in size, for example, a dedicated vehicle fleet.
CURTAIN DOCK SHELTER Used for a wide variety of purposes and are well suited where a wide variety of different sized vehicles are served.













Dock shelters, a crucial part of your logistical process
Loading Systems dock shelters are manufactured to provide optimum stability and durability. Dock shelters provide an optimum seal between the internal and external environments and assist with the reduction of energy consumption. As well as protecting your goods, Dock-shelters also contribute to an improved workplace atmosphere which can also lower your absence rates due to illness. A complete range is available to suit different types of vehicles.

Quality and durability
All Loading Systems products meet the highest quality requirements. For dock shelters, we only choose the highest quality materials to provide a high degree of wear resistance which can also withstand the effects of UV-radiation as well as extreme temperatures.

Loading Systems only selects stable construction to ensure that our dock shelters continue to maintain the best possible appearance over a prolonged period of time and the lower sides will show no deflection.

For the customer
Our wide program dock shelters offer you many options depending on the types of vehicles that are loaded or unloaded, the sort of goods and the type of warehousing.

Service & maintenance
Just like every investment it should not come as a surprise that a good service & maintenance regime for your dock shelters is a good value. A good service & maintenance regime guarantees and protects the lifespan of your dock shelter. Your curtains and/or cushions of your dock shelter aesthetical and strong.