Are you looking for a professional industrial overhead door? We are happy to help! Each Loading Systems overhead door is designed to meet the increasingly stringent requirements.

The 601 sectional overhead door is designed not to encroach into valuable warehouse space. When the door is opened, the door panels move under the ceiling or move vertically along the warehouse wall.

The sectional overhead door can be made bespoke your own requirements by offering many variations in design, finishes, operational systems and installation options. User-friendliness and safety are our main priorities.


A Loading Systems overhead door helps you generating savings on the long term

Durable, long life and low maintenance

Our overhead door is specifically designed for industrial use and manufactured to the highest quality standards. The door panel finish guarantees durability, optimal insulation and low lifetime maintenance costs.

Aesthetic design

The looks of the overhead door can be fully adapted to suit the architectural or functional aspects of the building. Every RAL colour, a full range of windows or fully glazed sections over the entire width are available.

An overhead door is part of your buildings facade


Loading Systems overhead doors are energy efficient

An energy efficient overhead door

Loading Systems overhead doors ensure an insulation value in the highest classification by CE standards and significantly lower the energy consumption of any building.

Door energy calculator


Optimum safety

To ensure the quality and safety the Loading Systems overhead doors are fully compliant with all criteria for safety as established by European guidelines EN 13241-1.

Overhead door is by default equipped with safetyfeatures


The overhead door can be operated by multiple operating devices

User-friendly overhead door

The electrical overhead doors are standard equipped with the intuitive Loading Systems control panels that can easily be expanded with many control options, integrated with other control systems and programmed to suit a logical operating sequence.