EPS insulating panels




Facade insulation – full heat insulation for composite thermal insulation systems in accordance with ETAG 004.

EPS-W15 – W30

Heat insulation with differing pressure load, accessible areas, loft conversions.

Tapered insulation

With its tapered insulation panels, BRUCHA opens up the possibility of creating roof pitches of between 1% and 5%.


High-quality, foam-moulded insulation panel for insulation with moisture and high pressure load, spray water area, base and basement walls.





Thanks to its concealed mounting and the many profile variants available, the BRUCHAPaneel facade panel opens up numerous architectural design possibilities. Facade premium FP-P with the double tongue and groove system is an innovative further development of the tried-and-tested facade panel and offers outstanding structural characteristics, as well as enabling greater span widths through the use of the pressure distribution plate.



The BRUCHAPaneel wall strengthens a great many building shapes and areas of use, despite their differences. The option of having large distances between the bars makes for a very cost-effective and efficient construction method. The panels are connected using the tongue and groove system and, from a thickness of 100 mm, the connection is designed in the labyrinth system. The integrated seal ensures excellent wind proofing and airtightness.



The extremely trapezoidal form of the BRUCHAPaneel roof’s upper sandwich element provides a high level of stability and allows the panels to be adapted to the various static conditions with no fuss. The custom-fit panel connection/joint geometry takes place on the exterior by longitudinal overlapping of the empty bead over the raised bead of the following panel. Optimal condensation protection due to integrated 3-layer seal.



This system is designed as a carrier for projects utilising the benefits of a sandwich panel wall and with a need for flexibility when it comes to facade design. BRUCHAPaneel panels are available with insulating cores made from the following materials: PUR/PIR rigid foam, mineral wool/fire protection or ecologically-sustainable wood fibre, securely attached to the steel sheet outer shells.